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The Blood Sugar Challenge is a cooperation between Dr Beth Steels of Evidence Sciences and Antoine Matarasso, Principal Therapist at New Farm Hypnotherapy / Brisbane Hypnosis Clinic. Both Evidence Sciences and New Farm Hypnotherapy have more than 20 years experience in helping people reach their physical and psychological health goals and Beth and Antoine are passionate about working with clients to ensure that they live health, happy lives.


The Blood Sugar Challenge

This new program has grown out of both practitioners and their clinics seeing first hand the effect that the high consumption of sugar is having on the health of their clients. To address this they have been developing a program over the last year that simply and painlessly restores a healthy balance to mind and body. The Blood Sugar Challenge is result of their research and work and clinical trials are now underway to evaluate the effectiveness of natural medicines to help lower high blood sugar in pre-diabetic clients. The 12 week Blood Sugar Challenge is also now available to clients in the greater Brisbane area.

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